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Vignobles et découvertes


The Lodévois and Larzac Tourist Office is classified in category I.
Classifying the Tourist Office means putting more services at your disposal and improving its quality by implementing quality measures.

The Tourist Office becomes the gateway to the destination. It obtained is category I classification in March 2014.


The 'Qualité Tourisme' label 
The Inter-communal Lodévois and Larzac Tourist Office is committed to offering a high-quality service confirmed by the 'Qualité Tourisme'TMlabel. This brand confirms the efforts made for the continuous improvement in quality of the Office’s services for visitors and partners, and also regarding internal management. 


'Qualité Sud de France' Label 

The 'Qualité Tourisme Sud de France' label was created in order to identify, recognise and promote tourism professionals whose services offer guaranteed quality.  

Our establishment obtained the label in 2015. 


The 'Vignobles & Découvertes' label

Obtained in December 2015 by the Pays Coeur d’Hérault, the 'Vignobles & Découvertes' label rewards the quality and authenticity of various activities which allow you to find out about wine-growing.

Tourisme & Handicap

The Tourist Office of Lodévois & Larzac has been awarded the Tourism and Disability label since 2022 Our Tourist Information staff has been trained to the reception of disabled people. We are committed to the label "Tourism and Handicap" to ensure its customers a quality welcome and accessible equipment: - desk dedicated to people with physical disability - Audio track-guide for people with visual disability - Braille guide...

classement 2 tourisme
Qualité tourisme
qualité tourisme sud de france occitanie

Office de Tourisme LODEVOIS ET LARZAC

7, Place du Rialto
34700 LODEVE

+33(0)4 67 88 86 44

+33(0)7 78 95 03 05

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Open all year

- January to March :  tuesday to saturday  10am-12am & 3pm - 5pm

- April, May, June, July, August & September   : Open everyday  10am-1 pm & 2pm - 6pm 

 - October, November & December : tuesday to saturday  9.30am-12am & 3pm - 5pm


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