Salagou lake

The Grand Site of Salagou de Mourèze offers 9,000 hectares of singular, fragile and protected landscapes.

It geological variety, the intimacy protected from fragmented agriculture, the lake's presence, and the remarkable biodiversity grants it a strong identity. This Grand Site currently offers a lunar show of arid landscapes which contrast with the extent of the water, and a remarkable Mediterranean biodiversity.

A geological book

A geological book that is open to the sky, marked by red earth, “the ruffes”, the Salagou Valley offers a supernatural spectacle of colors and shapes. Just one part of a mountain separates the red of Salagou from the striking whiteness of the dolomite cirque de Mourèze. On the plateaus, the ruffe gives way to the black of the basaltic rocks. This peculiar landscape always surprises visitors and provokes a true “mineral shock”. These landscapes shelter first rate paleontological vestiges.

Salagou - coulée

Fossil footprints of animals witness the presence of creatures preexisting mammals: “the pre-mammals”. A lively and welcoming region, the Grand Site is lined with preserved towns following the rhythms of the seasons and relevant cultural activities, markets, festivals, etc. Hiking, mountain bike trails, guided tours, swimming, fishing and water activities are all offered to visitors willing to discover the thousand and one facets of our exceptional heritage.

Lac du Salagou  6
Lac du Salagou  2

A Grand Site

The Grand Site of Salagou and Mourèze counts among some of The great emblematic landscapes of France.

Along with its neighbors, the Grands Sites of St-Guilhem-le-Désert  and of the Cirque de Navacelles, of Salagou and Mourèze really “boggle the mind” of its visitors. Beautiful, rare and very fragile, these Grand Sites are protected by the law of 1930 (classified sites). Renowned, they are heavily trafficked: offering a quality welcome to its visitors is a fundamental mission in these popular tourist attractions. These are not closed sites but open and cut off from the world. Our ambition is to organize tourism which is compatible with the preservation of the site, and to be able to find an equilibrium between the residents that live here and the tourists that visit.

Lac du Salagou

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